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Pioneer Clubs

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With our children’s weekly Pioneer Clubs ministry, exciting new experiences await children who attend. Our Biblical lessons for kids help them learn about God, the Bible and themselves as they explore fun activities and make new friends. At each meeting, kids dig into God’s Word, memorize Scripture, apply God’s truth to their lives and grow into young men and women who will serve Christ throughout their lives.

Through our midweek church programs for kids, you’ll see children become passionate about living for Christ! Pioneer Clubs® programs are Christ-centered and Bible based—and so much fun that kids can’t wait to get there!

A child who attends Pioneer Clubs will…

  • know how one comes to faith in Jesus Christ
  • understand that God requires Christians to live a radically different lifestyle
  • learn how to study and apply the Bible through a kids’ Bible study program and exploration)
  • discover how to be a contributing member to his or her family, church and community
  • appreciate the uniqueness of others
  • experience success and achievement
  • build lasting and lifelong relationships with Christian adults and peers

Pioneer Clubs Introductory Video:

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